Cyber Security Trends: Best Practices Include Automated Monitoring

The advantages of digitization are well documented, but the risks are becoming more known as well. The more digitized an organization becomes, the more opportunities cyber criminals have to gain access to your information. Various cyber security trends pop up from time to time in an effort to eliminate vulnerabilities and risk, but which solutions can you trust?

Cyber attacks have hit organizations small and large, putting consumers and others at risk as their personal information gets into the hands of the wrong people. This has created an added complexity in the form of tightened regulations aimed at holding companies responsible for their approach to cyber security. These regulations evolve at a rapid clip, and those falling into non-compliance face stiff penalties. While this is a source of stress, it should also motivate organizations to do everything they can to shore up weak areas.

Better Strategies

Cyber security trends emerge quickly to address ever-changing threats, with IT teams sometimes struggling to determine whether any given strategy can help them address vulnerabilities. There have been a few that have proven widely applicable, assisting security teams across companies of varying sizes and industries. For instance, automation has proven valuable for providing around-the-clock monitoring and threat mitigation. Teams get access to network activity, uptime, bandwidth consumption, latency, and any possible anomalies discovered on the network.

Detailed, granular analysis provides insight into where you are at risk. When you identify these risks, you can prioritize which ones need immediate intervention. Monitoring through an automated solution offers detailed information on a continual basis, allowing your team to make changes to segmentation policy or user access policy from time to time.

Work With a Professional

You can’t be expected to be both an expert in your particular industry and an expert on cyber security trends and the technology you need to stay safe. When you consult with a professional, you don’t have to use a trial-and-error approach to determine which tools will work best for your situation. Small businesses have different needs than large businesses. Even a similar company in your industry may have different risks, which means when you adopt cyber security trends, you need the guidance of a professional who can evaluate your situation and assist you in making informed choices.

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