Three Steps to a Successful 5G Strategy

There has been talk around 5G connectivity for so long that it seems impossible that all the anticipation has finally resulted in reality. Companies wanting to improve efficiency and productivity, especially related to business communication, can quickly see results when they implement a 5G strategy.

But 5G implementation is not a given. Many organizations will fail to make use of it, either because they haven’t quantified its benefits or because leadership is skeptical of its adoption. Here are three steps to a successful 5G strategy:

Get Buy-In From Leadership: If your executive level of management isn’t on board with 5G, this is the time to determine the financial impact of implementation. It may be that your leadership doesn’t know much about 5G, except in vague terms. Once they have quantifiable evidence that it will bring cost savings, productivity improvements, and a better customer experience, you’ll be more likely to get buy-in.

Talk with leadership about slow connections, latency during video conferencing, and the frustration of trying to get on a meeting from a home office. When voice and video connections come in clearly and data file transmissions occur in seconds, it’s easy to see how this translates to cost savings and revenue growth opportunities.

Invest in 5G UCaaS: This is an area where a 5G strategy can take off. When your teams are equipped with high-speed connections for unified communications as a service (UCaaS) tools like videoconferencing, shared workspaces, and other collaboration features, you’ll see impressive improvements in productivity and faster decision-making. UCaaS paired with 5G can revolutionize business communication in your company.

5G improves connectivity, eliminating many of the aggravations with remote work. It allows for remote teams to collaborate without congestion, dropped packets, or latency – improving not only in-house team meetings but also interactions with customers that highly impact their experiences with your brand.

Not all UCaaS providers will have 5G yet, so be sure that if you are thinking of implementing a communications upgrade that you are investing in one with the newest technology.

Education and Training: There are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around about 5G, but these can be addressed through training and buy-in sessions with your staff.

Take time to explain the basic way that 5G works: it uses high-frequency bands in the radio spectrum to allow internet connections at high speeds. It supports more connected devices than a 4G network can support and uses smaller towers than previous iterations of internet connections.

With this technology, networks can handle more devices with faster connections, supporting higher volumes of data and ultimately providing better remote-work experiences. The end results are better connections, faster innovations, and more opportunities for revenue growth.

With a little training and discussion, you can debunk any 5G myths your employees have heard, and even get them excited about the ease with which they can complete business processes. When your company is ready to pursue a 5G strategy for improved business communication, contact us at S2 Solutions. Through our extensive experience, we can help you leverage the right infrastructure investments that scale with you to meet your growth goals.