Remote-Work Security Best Practices

For organizations that were holding out on digital transformation, the pandemic forced their hands — demanding they take the sudden dive into digitized waters. And whether your company had already begun the process or not, cyber security has been a huge topic for everyone lately, as remote-work security issues have created new concerns. Even for > READ MORE

3 Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Companies are beginning to encounter some new challenges as they transition to a permanent hybrid work model. While some businesses are inviting employees back to headquarters, others are permanently embracing remote teams. Many fall somewhere in the middle with a hybrid environment and learning to operate asynchronously relies heavily on intelligent automation. An asynchronous work > READ MORE

Implementing a Role-Based Cyber Security Strategy

The days of creating a perimeter around your systems and data and then installing tools to keep threats out have long passed. The continually-changing nature of threats to your information and the expanding attack surface means that you need a different kind of cyber security strategy. Complicating cyber security solutions is the pandemic, which has > READ MORE

4 Steps to Unified Communications Security

Unified communications (UC) offers a host of benefits to the companies that implement it; from rich features to the ability to utilize communications tools from anywhere, anytime, the technology offers a better experience for employees and improves productivity. Many companies give too little attention to a unified communications security plan; however, with the following steps, > READ MORE

Three Steps to a Successful 5G Strategy

There has been talk around 5G connectivity for so long that it seems impossible that all the anticipation has finally resulted in reality. Companies wanting to improve efficiency and productivity, especially related to business communication, can quickly see results when they implement a 5G strategy. But 5G implementation is not a given. Many organizations will > READ MORE